Common Sense Rules of Hiking

  1. Look for and obey private property signs.
  2. Preserve and maintain hiking areas.
    1. Carry out everything you carry in.
    2. Keep the trails clean.
    3. Carry out litter that you find.
  3. Hiking involves strenuous exercises and hikers should be in good health.
    1. Trails listed are not easy walks.
    2. Most trails involve walking on gravel and loose stones.
    3. Some trals involve hiking up steep slopes and/or crossing streams.
    4. Do not hike alone.
    5. Hikers should have regular physical exams by a Doctor.
  4. Take reasonable precautions and be prepared for serious problems.
    1. In summer, carry sufficient water.
    2. In winter, carry cold weather gear.
    3. Watch out for hazards.
    4. On longer hikes or hikes in remote areas, carry a compass, map, and flashlight.
  5. Always leave a note, telling others where you are hiking and when you expect to return.
  6. Carefully choose your parking place.
    1. Pull off the road as much as possible.
    2. Avoid blocking access to roads and driveways.