Loch Leven Lakes                                        
  1. DIFFICULTY:   moderate (distance and height)
  2. ESTIMATE DISTANCE TO CLIMB (feet):   1l00 (Trail Cross Section)
  3. DISTANCE FROM I80/395 INTERCHANGE (miles):   52.3
    1. TRAIL HEAD: N39.309371, W120.516003
    2. Bridge: N39.299305, W120.515969
    3. Railroad crossing:N39.298693, W120.512539
    4. First lake: N39.288882, W120.504830
    5. Second lake:N39.284379, W120.504306
    6. Third lake: N39.285597, W120.498131
  5. ROUTE TO TRAIL BEGINNING (miles from I 80/US 395 interchange):
    0.0 West on I80
    51.1 I80 exit 168 at Big Bend/Rainbow Rd.
        Drive south on Rainbow Rd (past Rainbow Inn)
    52.3 Trail head and parking.
  6. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY MAP QUADRANGLE:   Cisco Grove/Soda Springs Trail map
  7. TRAIL SYNOPSIS:   Initially, the trail crosses granite rock faces. After about a mile, the trail enters a pine forest. The trail crosses railroad tracks and heads up hill. Erosion truns the trail into a dry stream bed. The trail passes three beautiful alpine lakes. The first two are easy to find. The third lake is harder to find and gps coordinaters provide useful directions for following the trail to the last lake.
  8. TRAIL DESCRIPTION (first number is distance in miles):
    0.0 Start hike at Loc Leven Trail Sign.
    0.6 Cross bridge.
    0.8 Cross railroad tracks.
    1.8 First Loch Leven Lakes (Lower) (Photo)
    2.2 Second Loch Leven Lake (Middle) (Photo)
    2.8 Third Loch Leven Lake (High) (Photo)
  9. GEOLOGY:  
  10. PLANTS:  
  11. ANIMALS:  

Trail Map     Trail Cross Section