Kings Row                                                        
  1. DIFFICULTY:   moderate
  2. ESTIMATE DISTANCE TO CLIMB (feet):   1500 (Trail Cross Section)
  3. DISTANCE FROM I80/395 INTERCHANGE (miles):   7.3
  4. START LAT/LONG:   N39 deg 33.01', W119 deg 51.78'
  5. END LAT/LONG:       N39 deg 34.43', W119 deg 54.10'
  6. ROUTE TO TRAIL BEGINNING (first number is distance in miles):
    0.0 west on I 80 from I 80/US 395 interchange
    4.0 exit #10 North on McCarran blvd
    6.2 left on Kings Row
    7.0 right on Regal St.
    7.3 park under power lines
  7. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY MAP QUADRANGLE:   Reno and Verdi. A small trail map which loads rapidly and a large printable trail map which takes several minutes to load into a separate window.
  8. TRAIL SYNOPSIS:   Hike up a desert mountain along steep stretches of jeep trails. Includes sections with loose gravel. Views of Reno. Ends in a grove of trees.
  9. TRAIL DESCRIPTION (first number is distance in miles):    
    0.0 walk under power lines into National Forest
    0.1 take turn up hill. Following trail that passes to left of big "R"
    0.4 road (marked 653B) T's with NFS653. Make right turn
    0.8 pass NFS653D sign
    0.9 road forks. Take fork down hill
    1.1 pass through revine and then take right on NFS650 (not marked)
    2.7 pass through fence line and make left on NFS 652
    3.5 NFS652 T's with NFS649
  10. GEOLOGY:  
  11. PLANTS:  
  12. ANIMALS:  

Trail Map     Trail Cross Section