Freel Peak                                                
  1. DIFFICULTY:   very difficult
  2. ESTIMATE DISTANCE TO CLIMB (feet):   2700 (Trail Cross Section)
  3. DISTANCE FROM I80/395 INTERCHANGE (miles):   27
  4. START LAT/LONG:   N39 deg 18.617' W119 deg 54.097'
  5. END LAT/LONG:       N39 deg 20.635' W119 deg 55.079'
  6. ROUTE TO TRAIL BEGINNING (miles from I 80/US 395 interchange):
    0.0 South on US 395
    44.4 Right turn on SR88 58.7 SR89 joins SR88 64.6 Right turn following SR88 and and SR89 66.4 Right turn onto NFS051 69.0 Left turn onto NFS051F (this is a very sharp almost U turn) 69.5 Park at end of road and hike from here.
  7. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY MAP QUADRANGLE:     Freel Peak a large printable trail map which takes several minutes to load into a separate window.
  8. TRAIL SYNOPSIS:   Hike up to Armstrong Pass, turn right on Tahoe Rim Trail, and hike to high point on Tahoe Rim Trail. This initial section of the trail is well maintained, has some wildflowers, and offers some views of Lake Tahoe. At the high point, hike up hill over and around the boulders. Then hike across the gravel field to the Peak. Although some intermittent trails exist, there is no well-defined trail from the high point to the peak. There is a building on top of the peak that looks like a water tower. NOTE, the hike from the Tahoe Rim Tail to the Peak has loose stones and steep grades. A significant risk of falls exists. Be cautious and hike with someone. --- The National Forest Service (NFS) access road is rough and may only be passably with a four wheel drive vehicle. A second route exists from the other side of Armstrong Pass. While this hike is three miles longer, the road to the trail head is paved. (Drive to Route US50, turn onto Pioneer Road and then Onida Road to reach the trail head.) Photographs from Freel Peak:
    View of Lake Tahoe
    View of Echo Lake
    View of Lake Tahoe
    View of Lake Tahoe
  9. TRAIL DESCRIPTION (first number is distance in miles):
    0.0 Park at end of road.
    0.6 Hike to top of Armstrong Pass and make right turn onto Tahoe Rim Trail
    4.0 At high point on Tahoe Rim Trail, hike off trail up to top of Freel Peak.
    5.0 Summit of Freel Peak.
  10. GEOLOGY:   Granite
  11. PLANTS:  
  12. ANIMALS:  

Trail Cross Section