Flora Lake                                                        
  1. DIFFICULTY:   Easy
  2. ESTIMATE DISTANCE TO CLIMB (feet):   200 (Trail Cross Section)
  3. DISTANCE FROM I80/395 INTERCHANGE (miles):   42.7
  4. START LAT/LONG:   N39 deg 20.39', W120 20.64'
  5. END LAT/LONG:       N39 deg 20.04', W120 19.54'
  6. ROUTE TO TRAIL BEGINNING(first number is distance in miles):
    0.0 West I80
    2,7 Castle Peak Turn Off
    2.8 go under overpass and take first left
    3.1 go as far east as possible and park next to Pacific Crest Trail sign boards
  7. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY MAP QUADRANGLE:     Norden. A small trail map which loads rapidly and a large printable trail map which takes several minutes to load into a separate window.
  8. TRAIL SYNOPSIS:   Follows Pacific Crest Trail (photograph) for a short distance through pine forests and granite rock formations. Then turns off this trail to view alpine lakes. Pacific Crest Trail is very well marked. Finding the turn off is difficult, but once found the trail to the lakes is easy to follow.
  9. TRAIL DESCRIPTION(first number is distance in miles):    
    0.0 park and take trail from end parking log
    0.1 trail forks. Go right.
    0.3 pass over stream culvert, trail joins from left. Go straight, and to right of small lake.
    0.5 pond on right, pass over stream culvert, go straight at trail junction
    0.6 turn off Pac. Crest Trail. make right over granite area into lake trail
    0.9 at near end of Azalea Lake
    1.5 at far end of Flora Lake
    2.2 at far end Lake Angela
  10. Key Waypoints:    
  11. GEOLOGY:     Granite
  12. PLANTS:     Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pines
  13. ANIMALS:    

Trail Map     Trail Cross Section     Photograph